JAM Artist Visual Arts Researcher

Artistic approach 2017


After working with themes such as death, old age, religion, money, poverty, I become after 43 years of practice an artist less involved in observing the drift of the human soul.
I am now devoting myself to developing form as a vehicle of thought. I prefer the organic approach to architectural form for a specific need of association between life and spiritual that now attracts me in research.

The shape develops from the twisting of the metal pipe through a continuity of curves that overlap and intermingle.
This form-fitting approach now places me at the same level as the others as to the possibilities of being installed in the public square.
Form is not an element that is dangerous for anyone who wants to associate art with politics that is judging what will appear publicly. Themes in art are dangerous for politicians because they describe conflicting situations between the people who live in the misery caused by the elite.

Art that is transported by form only, can be enjoyed by all without exception without describing a conflict. Form is above all a description of a path of thought that ventures into the beauty of life.