JAM visual arts artist and researcher

Curriculum vitae 2017
JAM is the artist's name of Michel Boisvert.
Born in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada, in 1948
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Main characteristic of the artist: Research and Exploration in Visual Arts

° Research by title and year of research:
Search with cans from 2012 to 2015
Research with dried potatoes 1985-2010
Search with the ready-made1990 to 2015
Research with special forms 1990 to 2015
Search with the monumental sculpture in concrete 2011-2012
Search with wire 1995-2015
Search with wire mesh 1995 to 2015
Search with Foil 2013
Search with Spiral Piece 2000-2013
Research with 3D programs 1995-2015
Research with biomorphic form 2000
° 2012 to 2016


° 2012 Monumental sculpture set up on private grounds. Materials: Cement, metal grid, jute fabric. 16 feet high.
° 1998 "VOYAGE IN THE VACUUM" Installation at La Seigneurie Gallery of the George P. Vanier Cultural Center in Châteauguay, QC.
° 1989 "L'HOMME ET LA VILLE" Exhibition at the Center des arts contemporains du Québec in Montreal, QC " Man in the city ". The exhibition lasted two months and was presented to two television programs and was featured in an article in the magazine ESPACE.
° 1989 "LIGHT IN THE DARK" Exhibition at the Galerie PINK rue Notre-Dame in Montreal, QC Duo with Jeff Phisher.


° 2017 Artexpo in New York 2017 21 to 24 april.
° 2009 Art Fair of the Council of Artists of Quebec. From 22 February to 16 March at the Blavosy Cultural Center, Saint-Germain-Laprade, France.
° 2008 Manifs d'art, 4th edition, the Biennale de Québec. -Galerie Désiris. Located in La Chapelle, in the heart of the Canton of Geneva, in Switzerland with the Council of Artists of Quebec.
° 2003 Manifs d'art, 2nd edition, at the Gabrielle Roy library, QC with the collective Poetry Repair. -Exhibition at the CHÂTEAU DUFRESNE with the Circle.
° 2002 Exhibition at the CHÂTEAU DES DUCS in Duras, France, with the Cercle.
° 2001 Exhibition for the 18th Grand Annual Competition with the Circle.
° 2000 Exhibition for the 17th Grand Contest with the Circle.
-Exposure with the group "Repair of Poetry" at "Le Lieu" in Quebec City.
- Exhibition of a sculpture in gallery B-312, for the annual fundraising.
-Exhibition at the Les Pluralistes gallery.
° 1999 Exhibition at the gallery Entre-Cadre 15 December to 15 January
-Exhibition at the Dart Gallery, established at 1200 Amherst Street. From 29/07/99 to 29/08/99. Broadcast on the program D
° 1995 Exhibition at the ARTOTHÈQUE de Montréal with a sculpture called "L'HOMME ROSE"
-Exposed to the gallery the IMPRÉVU with a sculpture of BIOMORPHIC form which consists of pouring concrete in a plastic bag which once demolded keeps the shape.
-Exhibition at Place Ville-Marie with a painting and a sculpture with the association Performance Arts Visuels.
-Exhibition at the tavern with the STERLING GLASSES, with the association Performance visual arts with a sculpture called "THE ROSE MAN".
° 1991 to 1993 Exhibition at the gallery of the MONTRÉAL MUSEUM OF BEAUTIFUL ARTS «NAISSANCE» from a triptych, with exhibition, rental and sale of the work.
° 1993 Exhibition of a painting in GreenfieldPark